Our School Vision

“Growing a proud and confident learning community” 

Our values play an important part of our everyday lives in school and in the community.  These are explicitly taught with the students   and reinforced  on a daily basis.  The acronym  PRIDE is  our belief that when we persevere, show respect, integrity, diversity and strive to be best we can be then we have pride in ourselves our school and our community.


-Recognising that learning new skills can be hard

-Learning from your mistakes

-Staying on task until you have finished

-Asking for help

- Having another go after facing difficulties

-Showing courage

-Experimenting until you succeed

-Being willing to make a mistake


for themselves, others, property and the environment

- Listening to Others

-Helping others

-Using your manners

-Being caring and considerate

-Looking after everyone’s belongings the school and local and natural environment


-Telling the truth

-Being fair

-Being responsible

-Being Trustworthy



Understanding that each individual is unique

-Accepting differences

-Treating others the way you want to be treated

-Appreciating the things that make others special

-Being inclusive

-Being accepting of things that you can not change.


: striving to be the best you can be  having high expectations/

-Expecting to succeed

-Showing initiative

Setting goals

-Being the best that I can be

-Expecting more and achieving more