Transitioning your Child into School

You can assist your child’s preparation for school in the following ways:-

Work towards:  
-  holding a book correctly  holding and using pencil correctly  writing and recognising their own name
– using capital letters for the first letters only  recognising some letters of the alphabet and know some of the sounds  counting to 10 and knowing some other numbers
- also what comes before and after a number  recognising basic shapes  recognising colours (colouring in skills would be an advantage).

Self-management and organisation skills - by:  
-  being able to tell the teacher what they need or want.  toilet themselves independently  carrying their bag to the classroom  listen and follow instructions 
-  put things away in the right place at the right time  put on their shoes and socks  cough into their sleeve and how to blow their nose (tissues are available)

Daily you should help your child by:
-  Asking them about their learning
– talk about the good things that happened in their day 
- Read to and with you child  Help your child to complete home learning tasks as required.

Other ways you as a parent can support your child’s learning.  
-  Start the day with a positive attitude and a balanced diet.
-  A big breakfast is essential and a healthy lunch – not too many treats in the lunchbox and always a good sized water bottle – not fizzy drinks please.  We have morning tea at 10.30, an energiser at 11.50 and lunch at 1pm. 
-  Get your child to school by 8.45am. This allows your child to be organised for the day and to reestablish their friendship circles – which is important to all children. When they are late sometimes they are out of sorts for the day. 
-  Regular and consistent bedtimes. Ten hours or more of sleep each night is recommended for five year olds starting school. 

Parents please check - everything is brought from home for the day - uniform, stationery, lunch, library books, homework. We prefer not to ring you to bring things up to school during the day. It is really important to ask questions if you are not sure.

No question is an unnecessary one! 

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